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Stovax Stockton 5
Contura 850:1


Specialists in wood & Multifuel Stoves

Located in Glossop, the George Street Loft is a family run business, established in 1986. With over 3 decades of experience, we have gained a reputation for quality, honesty and service. 

We take time to understand your requirements, using our knowledge and experience to offer bespoke advice.

You'll also get a fantastic choice of unique stoves and accessories at competitive prices.

Contura 850:1 Installation
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Contura i5 Installation

Our Fitters-

A full in-house service.

We have two teams of qualified Hetas installers. All of our fitters take just as much pride in their work as we do in our products. 

The fitters will discuss options for hearths, surrounds, oak beams and chambers/backing plates when they carry out a site visit. All Hetas engineers routinely have their work inspected to insure it is up to the highest of standards. When we speak to customers here at the showroom we recommend the fitter we believe best meets your needs.  Take a look at our gallery to see images of our own installations! this allows you to see real-world installations rather than the usual brochure pictures.   

Chimney Sweep & Servicing

We offer a professional chimney sweep service from our employee Ben (Meinen Chimney Sweep Services) Ben can also carry out routine maintenance and serving while sweeping the flue.  He will ensure all components are in working order & advice if anything is due replacing.

A Word Of Warning

Be very cautious if purchasing a stove from an unknown manufacturer, the stove market is flooded and new stoves come and go every month. If you are unlucky you could purchase a Multifuel or Wood stove with no aftersales support. It may be fine for a few years but its when you come to purchase spare parts that you realize you've bought a throw away product. All of our suppliers guarentee to produce spare parts for atleast 10years after the stove goes out of production. 

Modern & Traditional

Times have changed! People are no longer simply fitting stoves for heating alone. We carry out a lot of installs in very modern houses and the stoves are seen as a vocal point in the room. With our access to the very best products available & over 30 years experience we are able to offer both ultra modern wood only stoves & also tradition multi fuel stoves that we have tried and tested ourselves. We have cherry picked the products we sell and will only offer products we are 100% sure customers will be satisfied with as well as ensuring all stoves we sell can be easily serviced in future with spare parts that are guaranteed to be readily available.

Word of warning
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